Important Facts About Your Brand-New Bong

If you have just gotten or planning to get a brand-new bong, chances are that you may be slightly confused as to how much water you need to put in it before you smoke. Bongs are available in various shapes and sizes, so it is essential to find the perfect water level if you wish to enjoy the filtered cool smoke.

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Why do we fill water in a bong?

• Firstly, water is what helps to create cool and smooth hits that people enjoy. It traps a lot of harmful compounds from your marijuana which ultimately makes the inhalation process a lot smoother. You can fill either warm water or ice-cold water depending on your preference. You can also fill your bong with other liquids, but water is the most preferred option.

• Secondly, the level of water in a bong also makes a huge difference as it cools down and filters the smoke. You need to know the perfect amount of water that is required for a pleasant smoking experience.

The level of water varies according to bong type

• For a normal bong, you need to put just enough water for the downstream to be fully immersed in it. There is no need to put in more water as long as it reaches your mouth while inhalation.

• Even if you have a perc bong, the basic idea is to immerse all the perc openings like inline perc and a perc matrix in the water so that you avail full advantage of the filtration.

How to take huge bong rips

• Grind your herb properly

If you are a regular smoker, it is essential to have a grinder with yourself. As opposed to larger pieces, ground herbs burn slowly and uniformly.

• Deep breathing is the key

If you plan to take big rips, avoid crossfading as alcohol reduces your breathing capacity. Also, while smoking from a large scientific bong, you need to take long deep breaths before starting the session.

• Remove the bowl slowly and pay attention to its size

Gradually removing the bowl will ensure that the lungs are better able to absorb and filter the smoke since the smoke will travel at a slower pace. Larger bowls have more airflow due to their size hence if you’re planning to take a big hit, you should use small bowl and vice versa.

• Monitor the level of water so the smoke cools down

It is essential to monitor the level of water because that is the differentiating factor between a glass pipe and a bong. We already know that water makes the whole experience smooth, but there are many ways for you to cool the smoke down one of them being ice hits.


If you already possess a bong, there is no harm in adding another one to your collection. 


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